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lebron james dunkingHi, and welcome to our site.  Here we talk about everything related to basketball.  Our goal is to be your one stop source for learning how to take your game to the next level.

We’ll show you the best programs around for improving your game and the fastest way to improve your vertical leap so you can be throwing down NASTY dunks on your competition!

Want to know what the vertical leap is of your favorite NBA player?  Then you will want to check out our NBA Verticals section.  We have the background and numbers on all of your favorite players from Michael Jordan to Lebron James.

Ok, enough about us.  Let’s get to the good stuff, the reason you are here.  You want to learn how to jump higher, Right?  Here we go…


How To Jump Higher and Dunk

First of all, I highly recommend that you pick up the FREE REPORT we have for you that details how to improve your jumping technique and instantly add an extra 2-6 inches on your leap.  It’s located at the top right of this page and all you need to do is enter your email address and you will have it instantly.  Don’t worry, we are not going to spam you with a bunch of junk.  That’s not our style.

Training specifically to increase your vertical leap is something that is a fairly new concept in the professional athlete’s world.  Over the past 10 years or so, we have become a lot more advanced in our training.  However, one thing remains the same….  IT TAKES A LOT OF HARD WORK!

If you think you are just going to do a few easy exercises, not give 110% and increase your vert, then you are going to be really disappointed.  With that being said, if you learn how to train the RIGHT way and do the RIGHT exercises, you can achieve big gains very quickly.  That is what we hope to show you here on this site.

People ask me all the time..  “What is the best exercise to help me improve my vertical?”  Although it takes a full routine, stretching and a good nutrition plan in order to achieve your best possible jumping ability, I can still answer this question with 100% certainty.  There is a “best” exercise and that is SQUATS.  Not just any squats though, you need to be doing really HEAVY squats.

If I had to choose only one exercise to do to help me increase my vertical it would be squats.  Actually, I hate squats.  They are hard, painful and I can hardly walk right the next day after doing them.  I guess that is why they work so well 🙂

If you think about it, the squat motion is very similar to the jumping motion.  Also, when you are jumping most of your power is generated from your quadriceps in the legs.  Squats target the quads big time.  If you decide to do squats to train for your vertical then you need to do them the right way.

What way is that?  You should do no more than 3 sets of 8 reps.  You need to lift really heavy in order to achieve your goals.  So, the 8th rep should be very difficult to complete.  If you are ripping them out fast and could do a couple more then you need to up the weight.

If you are not following an exact vertical leap program, then I would recommend doing squats twice per week and also incorporating some hamstring work in there as well.  Obviously, in order to get the best results you should follow a program that is specifically designed to help you achieve your goals and will have you throwing down monster dunks in no time.


A Program That I Recommend…

There are a lot of different vertical jump programs out there on the market telling you to do this and do that.  However, there is one program that is hands down the best, no doubt about it and that program is… The Jump Manual by Jacob Hiller.  I purchased this product about 5 or 6 years ago and was able to increase my vertical leap by 12 inches in 7 months!  Those results speak for themselves.

You can go to Youtube and find all kinds of people who have had success with The Jump Manual Program.  This one is my favorite, check out what Brandon from Hawaii had to say…